Old Post Office Postcards
Nebraska Postcards: Kearney, NE

discounted prices in parantheses




kearney_ne_midway20.jpg (62190 bytes)

(1) Real Photo. 
Midway Hotel c1919.  Sharp focus, good

contrast.  Writing impressions from back
show through to front a little. 
$35 ($28) SOLD

kearney_ne_centralave.jpg (59355 bytes)

(2) Real Photo. 
Central Ave. North c1930.

Sharp focus, good contrast.  Never mailed.
Card is wavy, a few small impressions lower
left corner.  Good condition.
$40 ($32)

kearney_ne_cathschool.jpg (56265 bytes)

(3) Real Photo.

Dedication St. James Parochial School.
Card was given out as a program (its typed
out on the back).  No postcard back.
Sharp focus, good contrast.  Good condition.
$30 ($24) SOLD
another example is available on page 3

kearney_ne_plattebridgestryker.jpg (39293 bytes)

(4) Real Photo.

Concrete Bridge over Platte c1920s.
Photo by Stryker.  Good focus and contrast.
Card was never mailed.  Good condition.
$19 ($15) SOLD

kearney_ne_plattebridgemoss.jpg (41619 bytes)

(5) Real Photo.

Platte River Bridge, Kearney.
Moss Photo.  Sharp focus and good
contrast.  Card was mailed 1930.
You can see the old bridge pilings.
$24 ($19) SOLD

kearney_ne_kindergarten.jpg (62775 bytes)

(6) Litho.

Kindergarten, State Normal School.
I have never seen this card before !
Mailed in 1910 - but c1907.
Good condition.
$50 ($40) SOLD

kearney_ne_paynelarson.jpg (81323 bytes)

(7) Chrome.

Payne Larson 1960s, Central Ave.
Mailed.  Good condition.
$7.50 ($7) SOLD

kearney_ne_poolchrome.jpg (90569 bytes)

(8) Chrome.

Swimming Pool late 1960s.
Unmailed.  Good condition.
$5 ($4.50) SOLD

kearney_ne_shoppingcrowd.jpg (52682 bytes)

(9) Real Photo.

c1920 Typical Shopping Crowd on Central
Avenue.  Photo by Stryker.  Card was never
mailed.  Good condition.
$35  SOLD

kearney_ne_centrave_busy.jpg (58656 bytes)

(10) Real Photo.

c1920 A busy Day on Central Avenue.
Photo by Stryker.  Card was never mailed.  Writing on back with
history of Dr. and locations of businesses.  Good condition.
$35  SOLD

kearney_ne_highschool.jpg (57676 bytes)

(11) Real Photo.

High School.  Photo by Bowers.
Card was mailed in 1909.  Good condition.
$17  SOLD


kearney_ne_operahouse.jpg (58170 bytes)

(12) Real Photo.

Opera House c1907.  Card was mailed around 07.  Writing on back from precious owner of card with some history of location.  
Good condition.
$40  SOLD