Old Post Office Postcards
Nebraska Postcards: Page, NE
Holt County

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(1) Litho. 
Page, Nebraska.  Geo. Hunter farm house.
c1910.  Never mailed.  Writing on front
describing location.  Rough condition.
$5.50 ($5)

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(2) Litho. 
Page, Nebraska.  R. Gray farm house c1910.
Published by Page Land Co., Charles T. Allen
Successor.  Card was never mailed.  Good
condition.  Stains upper corner and back of
top edge.
$18 ($14) SOLD

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(3) Litho. 
Page, Nebraska.  Apple Orchard & Grape
Vineyard on Kennedy Farm North of Page 
c1910.  Card was never mailed.  Published 
by Page Land Co., Charles T. Allen Successor.
Good condition.  
$11 ($10) 

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(4) Litho. 
Page, Nebraska.  Oat Field on Urban farm one
mile North of Page c1910.  Card was never 
mailed.  Published by Page Land Co., Charles T. 
Allen Successor.  Good condition.  
$11 ($10) 

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(5) Litho. 
Page, Nebraska.  Farm house of Geo. 
Published of Page Land Company
c1910.  Card was never mailed. Good
$20 ($16)

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(6) Real Photo. 
Greetings from Page, NE.  Multiview shows
Four Views captioned: The Great American
Desert Thirty Years Ago - The Same Land
Now.  Image shows sand hills with blow
out and then fields with haystacks.  On the
right side is a sod house and then a large
wood frame house.  Card was mailed from
Leshara, Neb in 1913.  Good focus and 
contrast.  Phelps Photo Co.
$29 ($23) SOLD

page_ne_schoolhouse.jpg (55403 bytes)

(7) Real Photo. 
School House between Page & O'Neil 
Nebraska c1910.  Photo might be by
Newberry of Orchard, NE.  Fair focus, 
contrast a bit light.  Card has some paper
stuck to the front at left edge.  Unmailed.

Fair condition.
$20 ($16) SOLD
page_ne_bevrppc.jpg (49180 bytes)

(8) Real Photo. 
Birdseye View of Page, Neb.
Mailed in 1910.  View shows the business
district.  Sharp focus and good contrast.
Good condition.  Photo by Newberry of
$40 ($32) SOLD