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Welcome to The Old Post Office!!


Acquiring new Postcards all the time - Please contact me for anything you might be looking for.


The last several years I havent done many postcard shows but you will see me in 2017 at a few shows in the Plains. Please let me know about your favorite show venues and maybe I will make a visit!  

There have been a lot of Nebraska postcards added to our inventory so feel free to drop us a note and let us know what you might be searching for.


The Show schedule has been updated for 2009.  Keep checking back as we might might add additional shows throughout the year.

There are a number of new towns added in the Nebraska categories.  Also check our eBay store.
Coming through our area?  Let us know first to make sure we are available.


We have added quite a few pages to the Nebraska catalogs and are also always adding new stock.
Please email us if you are looking for something in particular as it will not usually be listed here unless we have a request or buy a large group from one town or area.

The Show schedule has been updated for 2007.  
There will be more details as well as additions in the coming weeks.  


The "Postcard Book" page has been updated with a new look and new links.
If you are looking for a recommendation or interested in a certain book and have some questions please let me know.

I have also added quite a few new pages (with scans) of Nebraska cards to card catalogs at left.  


As some of you know we have been working at getting the postcard shop open but it has been a slow process.  We have been working on fixing up a room in the Northwest corner of the building.  This room had a large window which looks South down through the lobby.  The window was where you bought your postage or dealt with the postal clerks when I was growing up and I suppose it had been this way since the 1950s or earlier.  This large window will allow us to look into the Antique shop while we work with our customers and greet people as they come in the door.  We currently are open by appointments only.


2005 has been a busy year.  Nathan has been busy traveling doing shows and spending time at the shop.  In June of this year he was married to Crystal Kay and has been enjoying have her share in his hobby and business adventures.  Nathan and Crystal have a seven year old Son Landon, who has also started collecting postcards.  Every once in a while we even get him to sleeve a few cards for us. 




Please report any broken links or problems to the webmaster in the Postmaster's Office at the Old Post Office. :)
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